Expertise / Bengtsfors


Education meets companies' needs for qualifications

The municipality of Bengtsfors is characterised by a high availability of outstanding qualifications in the field of the high-tech manufacturing of special papers.

Virtually unique expertise can be found at Mustadfors Bruk. The company manufactures horseshoe nails and holds a 50% global market share.

The University College for Design and Crafts (HDK) and the University of Gothenburg have artistic courses on bachelor and master level, mostly in the field of wood, metal and fabrics. A larger part of the students are from other countries than Sweden.

The adult education programme covers the companies’ staffing needs and is adapted to meet their requirements for qualifications.

Majbergets Rekrytering (Majbergets Recruitment) is a municipal recruitment agency that employs young people between 18 and 25 and sends them out on secondment. This provides jobs for youths and supplies companies with the right competences.