Basic facts


GKN Aerospace: research in the field of aerospace


Excellence in green industries


A solid railway system supports the growth zone


University West attracts many youths

Growth zone
Position Väst is situated where the expansive regions of Gothenburg and Oslo meet.

Climate of cooperation
17 Municipalities work closely together in this growth zone.

Almost 300,000 inhabitants. Nearly half of them live in the three neighbouring municipalities of Trollhättan, Uddevalla and Vänersborg. Together, these three constitute our ‘metropolis’ with three city centres.

Expansion areas
9,204 km² and 33 inhabitants/km². Ample room for expansion.

Trade and industry
39,000 Businesses (52% are trading companies/service providers, 32% are active in the field of agricultural sciences, and 16% are industrial enterprises).

Industry expertise
The largest sectors are those of trade, manufacturing, tourism, maritime industries, creative activities and green industries.

Locally based research is found in the field of aerospace, manufacturing technologies, Work-Integrated Learning, renewable fuels, wave power, advanced marine biology and artistic research in the field of the materials metal, wood and fabrics.

Trans-border cooperation
There is a potential to increase growth by working even closer together, beyond the border between Sweden and Norway.

The Högskolan Väst (University West) in Trollhättan, the Högskolecentrum (University Centre) in Uddevalla and Lysekil, and the HDK (School for Design and Crafts) Steneby, along with several university colleges within commuting distance in Sweden and Norway, provide the area with a major academic footprint.

Cost structure
Prices for e.g. business spaces, land and manpower are highly competitive compared to those in the Gothenburg and Oslo regions.

Living environments
Various small and medium-sized towns with different characters, smaller communities and villages amidst the nature can be found along the coast of Bohuslän, Lake Vänern and other bodies of water, as are fertile agricultural settlements and rural wooded landscapes.

The unique Bohuslän archipelago, the extraordinary Kosterhavet national park, virgin forests, hills, the Halle- and Hunneberg Plateau, Europe’s cleanest lake of this size, Vänern and hundreds of other clean-water lakes, beautiful plains with cultivations, and surging landscapes flanking the river.

Position Väst includes 17 of a total of 49 municipalities in the region of Västra Götaland, which in total has 1.5 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Vänersborg, whilst Gothenburg is Västra Götaland’s largest city and economic hub.