Broad and profound expertise in many sectors

In Position Väst, there are approximately 39,000 businesses in many different sectors. The most prominent sectors are trade, manufacturing, tourism, maritime industries, creative professions and green industries. For many years, there’s been a rich exchange between businesses on the Swedish and the Norwegian side of the border – amongst others in the shape of successful cross-border trade. Many Norwegian companies benefit from establishing themselves in the EU, and from getting access to expertise in Sweden.


Uddevalla 20100603. Folk i city på gågatan. Foto: Yvonne JägerbrandTourism
The enormous variety between outdoor experiences, tourist attractions, shopping possibilities, events and activities on a small surface, makes Position Väst unique. Tourism is very important and shows a fast growth in our part of Sweden.


Allm-sida-komp-energi-miljoteknEnergy and environmental technology
In Position Väst, business-driven environmental development is conducted in several areas, such as exciting and longsighted ventures in the field of biogas, electric vehicles and wave power.



Allm-sida-komp-filmFilm industry
One of Sweden’s largest centres for film production is Film i Väst in Trollhättan. Half of all feature films are co-produced by Film i Väst. Since 1997, Film i Väst have co-produced 350 feature films. Many new businesses are established because of these film production activities.


Allm-sida-komp-fordonsindustriAutomotive industry
In Position Väst, you’ll find a lot of experience, broad, in-depth and internationally renowned expertise in the field of development and manufacturing of automobiles. There are many businesses here that are highly specialised in different types of technical development.


Allm-sida-komp-gron-naring-lantbrukGreen industries
We find several examples here of how young, well-educated farmers are using new technology for making green industries more efficient in different ways. Agriculture finds itself in a phase of highly business-driven development.


Position Väst comprises a large number of trade centres, and more are being planned. The proximity to Norway affects the conditions for retail business in a very positive way. Several successful e-commerce businesses have been developed here and have their headquarters in our area.


The seaside location has provided us with many natural conditions for developing marine industries. Here you’ll find coastal fishing, mussels and oyster farms, and the centre for Sweden’s processing industry. We’re also prominent in ship design and development and the manufacturing of recreational boats.


Allm-sida-komp-motorer-flyg-GKN-kontr-rumEngines for air- and spacecraft
GKN Aerospace does its technical development and manufacturing in Trollhättan. The company is one of the largest suppliers in the world of systems and components to the global aerospace industries. Position Väst is also home to a number of subcontractors with high-tech expertise within this sector.


Allm-sida-komp-pappersindustriPaper industry
Large, specialised paper mills with different characteristics can be found in different locations within the Position Väst area. Many years of experience with the paper industry are represented here.


Preemraff in Lysekil is Scandinavia’s largest, and one of Europe’s most modern, refineries. New fuels and propellants are also tested here, in cooperation with the Chalmers technical university college.



Allm-sida-komp-tillv-industriManufacturing industry
Many of Sweden’s manufacturing businesses are based in West Sweden, in particular in Position Väst. This is a perfect environment for businesses that are looking for partners for industrial cooperation.


Äldreprojektet i Musikens VänersborgThe care sector
Norra Älvsborg’s county hospital and the Uddevalla hospital are centres of excellence within the care sector in Västra Götaland. Together with the hospitals in Dalsland, Lysekil and Strömstad, they cover the entire healthcare for its inhabitants in Position Väst. The care sector is growing, and in Position Väst, ventures are being set up for the development of new methods and ways of working for, amongst others, care for the elderly, psychiatry and the correctional system.


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