Good accessibility – without queues

Both the physical infrastructure and the infrastructure for boadband and electricity supply are well-developed in Position Väst. These are very favourable conditions for trade and industry to develop in the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo.

Travelling times are short thanks to good accessibility without any queues. The road network is well-expanded with expressways and motorways such as the E6 Gothenburg-Oslo, the E45 Gothenburg-Karlstad, and the E20 Gothenburg-Stockholm. Freight transports by railroad and lorry have no trouble reaching the cargo ports by the sea or in Vänern or the Göta river, or the terminals for trans-shipment.

Commuting possibilities by public transport are excellent along the major traffic routes, amongst others thanks to extensive railway and express bus service connections.

For flights to and from Position Väst, you can choose between the four international airports: Landvetter, Gothenburg City Airport, Karlstad and Rygge in Norway. Furthermore, you have the regular domestic air traffic to Stockholm from the Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport. Flight time 55 minutes.


Good connections to, from and within the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo.

Good connections to, from and within the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo.

Development resources for IT-businesses


The heart of the electricity supply is the Swedish core network that passes through Position Väst with several 400 kV lines. Source: Svenska Kraftnät.

In Position Väst, you’ll find a combination of a high broadband capacity, very good access to electrical power, a good cooling capacity and a high security level in terms of low risks of terror attacks. These are advantages that are important for companies that have server rooms.

An international study shows that Sweden is the third ranked country (sixth ranked in the world) in terms of its suitability for establishing server rooms. The two countries that lie ahead in Europe have introduced restrictions for such enterprises, because they cannot supply enough renewable energy.

Since a few years, Bonnier Digital has been conducting server operations in Position Väst. At Håfreström Business Park, they found the perfect combination between a high level physical security, and good access to broadband, electrical power and cooling capacity. Similar technical conditions are in place in several locations in Position Väst.

In terms of the location for server rooms, which generate a lot of excess heat, locations can be chosen where the excess heat can be sold in order to generate revenue for the company.

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