A miniature of Sweden


Living lakeside, at affordable prices


Towns with different characters

The Skagerrak on one side, Vänern, one of the world’s cleanest lakes, on the other. Virgin forests to the North. Fertile agricultural plains to the South. Position Väst has settings for all tastes. Medium-sized and small towns with different characters. Homes in small communities or in the middle of the nature, out in the country.

You can purchase a large home or a horse farm for less than a two-room apartment in central Gothenburg. Moreover, you have a really good chance of finding a residence with a lake or sea view, at an affordable price. At the same time, you have short travelling distances to Gothenburg and Oslo.

Travelling times are short. Driving by car along Position Väst’s longest side won’t take you more than around two hours. It will be a drive through an ever-changing landscape, a miniature of the country itself.

At home in Position Väst, the risk of having to deal with traffic jams, congestion and air pollution is almost non-existent. The possibilities for being able to experience the entrepreneurial spirit, a great many cultural activities, a varied choice of shopping opportunities, good communal services and beautiful nature, are quite good – virtually anywhere you choose to live.