Regional investment support

Financing of businesses throughout Position Väst

Consultancy vouchers are provided to businesses so that they can get assistance from consultants in the field of market and product development, environmental certification, industrial design etc.

Seed venture capital can be made available to businesses who need to develop a product or services concept for commercialisation on a global scale.

Support to new businesses and investments in Dalsland
Businesses that want to establish themselves in any of the following municipalities in Dalsland; Åmål, Bengtsfors, Dals-Ed, Mellerud and Färgelanda, can obtain regional investment support.
Investment support can be granted for investing in buildings, machines, inventory or research and development, training and education, information campaigns, patents, licenses and the like. Maximum support amounts to 30 percent of the total investment costs.

For more information, please contact Gabriel Skarbäck, Västra Götaland’s Region: tel. (+46) (0)70-348 59 70, e-mail: You can also find more information on