Culture and leisure / Åmål


Åmål's Bluesfest attracts a large audience


Their own racetrack around the corner

Culture and leisure in Åmål is mostly made possible by the associations and the inhabitant’s commitment.

”För Åmål i Centrum” (FÅC) was founded in 1994, and is a webbing of businesses, organisations, associations and private imdividuals who together with the Åmål municipality contribute economically to culture and leisure. This contribution amongst others goes towards the Åmål’s Bluesfest, which is the main Saturday entertainment in town, the Book fair in Dalsland, the culture and leisure week, Åmål’s Christmas Celebration, the ”Åmålshälja”, and the like.

FÅC:s objective is to create a sense of well-being for Åmål’s inhabitants, and to attract more people to the municipality.