Networks / Åmål


Networks increase Åmål's attraction

Åmål knows several business associations, amongst others Åmåls Industriförening, Företagarna Åmål, and Åmål Handel, the latter having the objective to develop trade and industry. What applies to all of the associations is that they work together for creating more contact possibilities and cooperation between members, with other organisations and with the municipality. They are also in good contact with other organisations and authorities.

Åmåls Industriförening was already founded in 1963 (at that time under the name of Åmåls Fabriksförening). It’s a strong network of which practically all industrial businesses in the municipality are members. The association represents the industry’s specific and common interests in the municipality and the region.

Företagarna Åmål is part of the national organisation of Företagarna. The local branch represents small and medium-sized businesses from all sectors and has close to 70 members.

Åmål Handel coordinates and furthers trade and service companies in Åmål. The association has over 40 members and is an important organisation for the development of Åmål as a commercial city.

Within the council for trade and industry, there is a broad cooperation between representatives from trade and industry, municipal politicians and officials, as well as trade union representatives. It’s a meeting place for the development of trade and industry. The council for trade and industry addresses common matters regarding business, education and other important subjects. The objective is to increase Åmål’s attraction by combining forces.