Trade and industry / Bengtsfors


One of many ways to develop tourism


The paper industry is dominant in Bengtsfors

The paper industry is the most important employer within the manufacturing industries in Bengtsfors. Other large industrial enterprises are found in the sector of packaging, food stuffs, and horseshoe nails. The line of business with the highest number of companies in the municipality is agriculture and forestry.

Tourism is growing proportionally to the increasing interest in outdoor activities, and in this area, the municipality of Bengtsfors has major natural assets. In part, the vast wilderness consists of land without any roads. On top of that, one-sixth of the municipality’s surface consists of water; lakes, streams, and the Dalsland Canal which has only in part been constructed by Man – most of the canal consists of fissure-shaped lakes*.


* Lakes that came into existence due to cracks in the underlying bedrock.