Culture and leisure / Bengtsfors


Plenty of moorings in Bengtsfors


The Dalsland canoeing marathon – a major competition

A considerable part of culture and leisure is provided by the many active associations in Bengtsfors. The involvement is both deep and broad, and the associations take major responsibility for cultural and leisure life to blossom.

The art gallery in the centre of Bengtsfors provides an open arena. Anybody is allowed to exhibit his or her works of art, free of charge.

With such a lot of water in the municipality, boating obviously plays a major part, both with moorings and a marina in the centrally situated town of Bengtsfors. The Dalsland canoeing marathon with its 55 kilometres length is Sweden’s biggest canoeing competition with participants from many countries. If you want to go swimming out in the nature, you’ll find possibilities practically everywhere. Apart from that, the municipality provides organised swimming facilities on nine locations.