Housing / Bengtsfors


Urban areas offer many housing alternatives


It's easy to find wonderful settings to live in

If you choose Bengtsfors as your residence, you’ll get a stunning environment to live in. The chances youll find housing close to a lake or with close contact to nature are almost a hundred percent.

The price for buying a plot with connections for water and drains is very low compared to the big cities. The local real estate agent has a range of properties for sale.

If you prefer to live in a rental apartment, you’ll find plenty of alternatives in the more rural areas within the municipality.

Bengtsfors is situated along county road 172 and 164. By car, it takes just shy of 30 minutes to reach the E45 in Åmål, and less than 45 minutes to get to the E45 in Mellerud. The closest airports, in both Norway and Sweden, are approximately 80 minutes away.