Networks / Bengtsfors


The paper industry is part of the Paper Province


”Konstkupp (Art Coup)” in Bengtsfors

The Paper Province is an international network that coordinates and develops the cooperation between member companies within the pulp- and paper technology industry. The Swedish member businesses are from Dalsland, Värmland and the Örebro County.

The objective of the Dalsland Tourist Agency (Dalslands Turist AB) and the non-profit organisation Dalslands Turism is to develop tourism in Dalsland, and many businesses from Bengtsfors are part of this network.

Bengtsfors Utvecklings AB helps with creating the conditions for renewal, development and broadening of business activities and the positive community development in Bengtsfors.

Utvecklingscentrum+ provides a meeting place for all inhabitants and visitors of the municipality; potential entrepreneurs, businessmen and students, etc.

The cultural network of Bengtsfors is a network for professionals in the field of theatre, crafts, the arts, music, literature etc.