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Purtech - supplier to the automotive industry


The angling specialist sells his accessories worldwide


Elks are part of the Experience Industry

Since many years, the business environment in Dals-Ed has belonged to the best amongst Sweden’s municipalities. This positive environment is in part the result of a good spirit of understanding and fast, open contact channels between municipality and companies.

In Dals-Ed, Norwegian businesses cross the border to reach the EU and to find competent labour. Norwegians travel to Dals-Ed for buying goods and services. Thanks to the proximity to Norway and the good railway connections, there is a major potential for companies that want to focus on doing business in the border area. Web-based commerce is advantageous because of the low costs for business spaces and effective connections.

Due to the favourable cost structure, callcenter services are on the increase in Dals-Ed. Also with respect to the experience industry and tourism, there’s a major potential for growth here.