Housing / Dals-Ed


Affordable prices for housing and good connections


Always a lake nearby

In Dals-Ed, home-ownership is the most common form of housing. Prices for buying a building plot with connections for water supply and drains is quite low compared to the prices in the major cities. House prices are also low. All of the rented apartments in the main town are less than 2 kilometres from the town centre and never further than 500 metres from a lake or a tarn.

Dals-Ed is a juncture. The train between Gothenburg and Oslo has a stop here, and all of the traffic from the east to the northern parts of the west coast, which is only 60 kilometres away, passes here. Travelling by car to the nearest domestic airport takes about 75 minutes and if you need to take an international flight from Norway, it will take you 90 minutes to get there.