Networks / Dals-Ed


Informal networks are present everywhere

Everybody knows everybody in Dals-Ed. That is the foundation for the very strong and often informal networks that can be found everywhere. Due to the fact that business owners know each other, it’s easy for them to establish a cooperation. The contacts between trade and industry and the municipality work in much the same effective way. That’s why it’s good to be an entrepreneur in Dals-Ed.

The Business Council is a more formal forum for networking between the municipal council, politicians and business organisations. The Council’s objective is to develop local trade and industry.

A cross-border network is in place between Halden and Dals-Ed with its neighbouring municipalities. This network was born out of the possibilities that businesses have to benefit from each other´s resources and capacities.

Entrepreneurs in Ed can find inspiration and networking possibilities through the Företagarna and Dals Ed Handel organisations.