Trade and Industry / Essunga


Sweden's biggest monthly market is in Nossebro


Dahréntråd is one of Essunga's largest industries

In the private business sector in the Essunga municipality, agriculture and mechanical industries are the most prominent. There’s also a great number of construction and transport businesses. Ginza, which is one of Sweden’s first e-commerce companies, is also based here.

Tourism is on the increase thanks to, amongst others, the Nossebro Market, which is the country’s largest monthly market, and Retro Nossebro with authentic settings from the 1950’s – 70’s. Parallel to the growth in the tourist sector, trade has also been on the rise.

On the services side, the growing need for care has led to an increase of the number of people employed in care professions.

A sector that is underrepresented in the Essunga municipality is that of business services of different sorts.