Culture and leisure / Essunga


The Power Meet is one of many retro events

The active clubs and associations are very important for the culture and leisure scene in the Essunga municipality. These associations are responsible for most of what’s going on. The Stallaholm leisure centre is a good example of what good networks and solid cooperation can achieve.

The municipality has strong traditions and lots of history, characterised by many visible relics from the past. Many of the places to see lie alongside two beautiful bicycle paths.

Retro Nossebro focuses on the culture from the 1950’s–70’s and attracts many visitors. Along Storgatan (Highstreet), you will find retro buildings. You can admire authentic settings such as an apartment, a restaurant, cafés, a bakery and confectionery, an electronics store, a paint shop, charcuterie, cinema, breakers’ yard, bicycle shop and many more.

Another part of the retro movement is the Power Meet, with American automobiles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. For other car enthusiasts, Nossebro has the classic car market that takes place twice per year. Here you can find exciting retro stuff.