Culture and leisure / Färgelanda


The petroglyphs are part of the cultural heritage


The Färgelanda Cup attracts young players from many countries

A rich cultural landscape and untouched wilderness with forests and lakes provide the core for Färgelanda’s cultural life. There’s lots to see and experience here – for those who are not in a hurry.

A major part of the active cultural and leisure life in Färgelanda is the result of a close cooperation between associations and businesses. Events are organised together, for each other. Examples are the Färgfest, Harvens dag, Kulturkollo, Culture Weeks, creative workshops and lots more.

The library in Färgelanda is a cultural centre with increasing numbers of books being on loan and well-attended exhibitions. Folk music gatherings and films are also part of the cultural activities here. ”Welcome to Järbo state” has been declared a cult film and deals with life in a village that has less inhabitants than a block of flats.

An event that has been recurring for 20 years is the Färgelanda Cup, a football tournament for children and youths, with participants from several countries.