Housing / Färgelanda


In Färgelanda, you can buy a building plot for 1 Krona

One Krona for a building plot for your home in Färgelanda. That’s all it will take to buy one of a number of parcelled out plots that are equipped with connections to municipal water supply and wastewater facilities.

In the Färgelanda municipality, 70 percent of the population live in single-family homes, 20% live in homes that are owned by the municipal real estate company, and the remaining live in privately owned real estate.

Real estate prices are relatively low and the same applies for the rents in multi-storey dwellings. In principle, you won’t have to queue, neither for housing nor for childcare.

Thanks to good roads, you can quickly get to Uddevalla and the E6 and E45 to Frändefors. Travelling to an airport with domestic flights takes only 40 minutes. By car, the Norwegian border is less than an hour away.