Trade and industry / Grästorp


The Grästorp Festival is a typical summer event


At the Grästorp Fair, many exhibitors and visitors meet


Dataväxt AB develops advanced agricultural technologies

Grästorp’s municipality is an agricultural community in which the agglomeration of Grästop clearly constitutes a centre. One of the major advantages of small communities is having short contact channels and quick decision making processes. There’s a good climate of cooperation here.

The largest businesses in the municipality were born out of ideas and initiatives by local entrepreneurs. The same applies to a number of small businesses. In the field of agriculture, for instance, different ways for streamlining and rationalising work practices have been developed.

Trade and industry in Grästorp is diverse, with many small industrial businesses, trade, service providers, and agricultural operations. In recent years, numerous IT-businesses have established themselves with great success, with technologies that place them on the forefront of their respective specialisations.