Networks / Grästorp


Business cooperation through well-attended meetings


Framtidsföreningen organises the annual Nossan Festival

The Näringslivssamverkan Grästorp NSG coordinates, facilitates and develops trade and industry in the municipality. They are your contact point should you need active assistance with all types of queries concerning business development, starting up new businesses, and local trade and industry. NSG is a non-profit organisation that has been co-founded by trade and industry and the municipality. One of the association’s objectives is to strengthen Grästorp’s profile as an attractive town for private housing and business.

Grästorp’s Framtidsförening is an example of how the cohesion within the community works. The association’s objective is to organise several events each year in order to increase the sense of well-being amongst the inhabitants of Grästorp, and to attract visitors from other towns.

The informal networks and the sense of community are very strong. It is very much because of these that Grästorp’s municipality, combined with non-profit efforts, has been able to build its fine culture and sports facilities.