Trade and industry / Lysekil


Small-scale fishing is constantly on the rise


The port has a special area for container handling


Preemraff – one of Europe's most modern refineries

The seaside location and the access to herring and stone characterised Lysekil from the beginning, as it still does today’s trade and industry.

The municipality offers a modern and ice-free industrial port with a big capacity and high flexibility. The proximity to the ice-free deep-water port of Brofjorden is also the reason why Preemraff, Scandinavia’s largest and one of Europe’s most modern oil refineries, is based here.

The small-scale coastal fishing is an active sector, as is mussels and oyster farming. The seaside location provides good possibilities for tourism, for instance in the form of boat trips, boat charters, kayaking and diving.

Also in future, the sea will provide an important resource for the development of trade and industry in Lysekil, amongst others through wave power based energy generation. Lysekil’s municipality is actively working with further development of marine applications, in close cooperation with research institutes and trade and industry.

Apart from sea-based activities, several large manufacturing and processing industries are based here. Quarrying is still a very active branch.