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Many mountain climbers come to Lysekil


Kayaking is part of the experience industry


Certain individuals prefer to live on an islet …

Lysekil is a town of many events. Regattas, big music events, running competitions, sing-alongs in the park and various cultural events take place throughout the entire year. Here you also find the sea aquarium Havets Hus with species from the Gullmar Fjord and the Skagerrak. In the summer, Havets Hus organises amongst others underwater- and elk safaris.

Lysekil offers an attractive natural and cultural environment with beautiful areas for walks in the country, and lovely beaches. The municipality is also renowned as an Eldorado for mountain climbers, divers, and sea kayaking.

Lysekil’s municipality can be proud of its rock carvings, which are amongst the most interesting in the country. These petroglyphs can be found in Backa, outside of Brastad. This wealth of rock carvings along the village road has given rise to the name Via Sacra – the Holy Road.