Expertise / Lysekil


Mussels farming in the waters outside Lysekil


Research in the field of wave power


A perfect place for marine research and development

The Gullmaren is one of three fjords that surround the Lysekil municipality. It’s Sweden’s only threshold fjord with unique animal and plant species, and it’s of enormous importance for marine research and development. That’s why several research stations and institutes have their base here. The most prominent one is the Kristineberg’s Research Centre, which is part of the Sven Lovén Centre of the Gothenburg University.

The Uppsala University has since 2002 had research facilities for wave power in the coastal band outside Lysekil. Here, technical solutions are tested and studies are conducted as to how wave power plants affect the environment and organisms that live in it.

The Campus Väst offers training programmes that are tailor-made to the needs of local trade and industry, and at the new upper secondary school, Gullmarsgymnasiet, courses include marine biology and a natural resource programme with a marine orientation. At the technical college, vocational training programmes are available that are set-up to fit trade and industry’s requirements.