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Mellerud has more than 800 km of lakeside beaches

Akvedukten i Håverud

The aqueduct in Håverud – almost a little magical

Mellerud is a miniature version of Sweden. The Vänern coastline, the agricultural landscape, scales, forests, lakes and streams. In total, the municipality has more than 800 km in lakeside beaches, almost 100 metres per inhabitant.

The Vita Sandars camping site, Sunnanå marina and Sunnanå Golf constitute a large recreational area that connects the central town of Mellerud with Vänern. Fishing tourism is extensive and still on the rise. Trolling for salmon and trout in Vänern, outside Mellerud, is amongst Europe’s best.

Each year, a quarter of a million people visit the aqueduct in Håverud. In Köpmannebro the Dalsland Canal falls into the beautiful Vänern archipelago.

The Kulturbruket in Dal is one of West Sweden’s nicest concert and theatre venues. Here, many of Sweden’s most prominent artists, along with highly proficient local artists and actors render their performances.

The Dalsland art museum is one of the Västra Götaland’s region’s four strongholds for the arts. The museum has a good national reputation and annually attracts close to 15,000 visitors from both Sweden and abroad. Åsnebyn is one of Västra Götaland’s three cultural parks.