Housing / Mellerud


New boathouses in the Sunnanå marina


There are plenty of red cottages in Mellerud's municipality

In Mellerud’s municipality, the focus lies on developing new lakeside housing at the Sunnanå marina, the Vita Sandars camping site, and the Dalsland Golf Resort. They are situated in proximity to golf, boating and leisure fishing facilities and vast natural surroundings. At the same time, the central town of Mellerud, the E45 and railway connections are within convenient reach.

There’s a wide selection of housing types, and settings are diverse. There are both new and older residential areas where you can buy a home at a very competitive price. In he towns of Mellerud, Dals Rostock, Åsensbruk, Bränna and Håverud, leasehold apartments are available from both private real estate holders and the municipality’s housing corporation.

The E45 and railways provide good connections with Mellerud. It takes 45 minutes to reach the closest national airport, and less than 90 minutes to get to an airport with international departures.