Networks / Mellerud

Industrigruppen is an informal network for the continuous exchange of experiences between the large industrial enterprises in Mellerud’s municipality.

The trade and industry foundation of the Dalslands Sparbank constitutes the core of a network of decision makers who are quite influential in terms of the development of local trade and industry.

Within the framework of Biogas Brålanda, around 30 visionary agriculturalists work together in a network. Many of them are from the Mellerud municipality.

Mellerudsnavet is an economic association in which trade and industry and the municipality cooperate in order to take charge of and develop local trade and industry.

Näringslivsrådet is a formal group for cooperation between the local trade and industry and Mellerud’s municipality. This Council provides a place for the exchange of ideas and information. They are also an advisory body where municipal decision making regarding the development of trade and industry is concerned.