Trade and industry / Munkedal


Arctic Paper - the foundation for business in Munkedal


The E6 provides a good base for transport and logistics

For many years, Arctic Paper and the paper industry have been the core of trade and industry in Munkedal. Thanks to good connections with both the E6 and the railways, the municipality is also developing into a centre for logistics. Both the Bohusbana (-line) and the Lysekilsbana (-line) are strong resources for further developing the transport of people and goods. As many as five exits off the E6 are located within the municipality, which means that all of the municipality’s urban areas and countryside are close to the motorway between Gothenburg and Oslo.

Planning is underway for a large logistics centre between Håby and Gläborg, where both dry and cold storage for the marine food processing industry in Sweden and Norway is projected. The proximity to Norway is a major advantage. In Dingle, New Wave have based their warehouse for promotional clothing, and parallel to warehousing and logistics being on the rise along the E6, retail develops as well.

Apart from this, there’s an array of successful small businesses, above all in the construction sector and green industries.