Culture and leisure / Munkedal


A fine place for fly fishing


The lakes are perfect for canoeing

Munkedal in northern Bohuslän resembles a bridge between the sea and the land, the coast and the scales. It’s a distinct rural municipality, where almost half of the inhabitants live out in the countryside. Many work in agriculture or forestry.

Munkedal is above all known for its salmon-rich Örekil river, the golf course with its extensive tradition at the Torreby castle by the Gullmar Fjord, and its popular mountain climbing facilities. Both the coast as well as the hinterland offer a rich natural and cultural heritage.

In the Sörbygden lies the wildscape of Kynnefjäll, which has nature trails and canoeing routes. The area has a rich cultural history, with relics from the Bronze and Iron Age still present in today’s cultural landscape.

The local cultural sector and the cultural heritage are cherished by the municipality, associations, trade and industry, the adult education association and the music school, and concerts, art exhibitions, cultural activities for children & youths, courses and other activities are organised by means of cooperation or individual initiatives.

The supply of recreational activities is extensive, and the most prominent sports are golf, canoeing, football and ice-hockey. Many associations manage their own facilities, which are complemented by the municipal sports halls.