Trade and industry / Orust


Boating has a strong tradition on Orust


Öppna Varv is an enormous floating boat fair

Orust is Sweden’s third largest island, located sixty kilometres north of Gothenburg. The tradition of building boats dates back to Viking times, and the term ‘Orust quality’ is known and respected all over the world. Even if the number of manufactured boats has decreased, the sector is still prominent with activities in the field of boating accessories, maintenance, repairs, storage etc. Orust’s dominant position in the industry manifests itself each year in August, when the floating boat fair Öppna Varv takes place.

Trade and industry are small-scale, with many entrepreneurs. There are 2,000 businesses on Orust, and most of them have one to ten employees. Several companies have leading positions within their respective specialisations. Examples are Marinfloc, that manufacture cleaning installations for watercraft, Conscriptor, that provide medical records via the internet, and Swedeponic, that cultivate fresh herbs and salads in pots.