Culture and leisure / Orust


A fast form of boating


Many sailors choose to moor at Orust

Boats have characterised Orust since long before Viking times, and this culture is still present in many settings, historic sites, names and other contexts. Dolmen, stone circles, hill forts give testimony to how man settled on the island 11,000 years ago.

Orust is the island of events. Above all during summer, The whole municipality of Orust is full of entertainment, exhibitions, organised hikes and other public happenings. Many of Sweden’s best musicians come here each year to perform for an enthusiastic crowd in the extremely special settings, on many podia. The cultural centre the Kajutan in Henån annually has more than 100 events and exhibitions.

The fact that there are active inhabitants, societies and adult education associations is very important for culture and leisure on the island. They are industrious and take the initiative for many activities.

For many of the finest leisure activities, organisers aren’t needed. Swimming, boating, the nature with its many hiking opportunities, and the traditional fishermen’s communities are always there.