Expertise / Orust


Number one in cultivated fresh mussels


Handicrafts are a prominent on Orust. Boat building, carpentry, and plumbing are also areas of expertise that can be found here. Beyond the field of handicrafts, front edge competence is found within many other disciplines, such as:

  • Hallberg-Rassy, sailing boats that are known for their Orust quality.
  • Marinfloc, internationally leading in the development of systems and the manufacturing of cleaning installations for watercraft, that prevent the emission of pollutants. More than 2,000 seamen from all over the world have obtained technical training by Marinfloc, so that they could service these installations themselves.
  • MP-Produkter and Paul Mattsson, two of the country’s largest fish processing businesses. Here, herring is filleted and subsequently shipped on to be used in tasty preserves.
  • Scanfjord, Sweden’s largest producer of cultivated fresh mussels.
  • Nordholms Industriinstallationer. Highly qualified welding expertise that is purchased by nuclear power plants and industries that produce for instance medicine, food stuffs and petrochemical products, both in Sweden as well as abroad.
  • Conscriptor represents a new, growing sector that bases its activities on compiling medical records via the internet.
  • The discount department store Göksäter is Orust’s most prominent attraction for visitors, and welcomes more than 800,000 customers per year.