Networks / Orust


Networks essential for a. o. developing tourism.

Tourism is a growing sector, and as one of four municipalities, Orust participates in the tourist agency Södra Bohuslän Turism, which is owned by trade and industry. Businesses and the four municipalities work closely together.

Orustkonferens is a business network with six conference and hotel centres on the island as its members.

The water quality and a clean sea are prerequisite for living and working here. That is the reason why Orust takes part in the network ‘8 fjordar’ that is active for making the water cleaner, the fishing better, etc.

An early-stage cooperation project is called Orust Kretsloppsakademi, and consists of individuals who work for a healthy and durable community. The academy’s objective is to make Orust climate neutral by 2020.

Trade and Industry is a meeting place for trade and industry and the municipality, where questions and ideas are brought to the table in order to develop the cooperation and drive Orust forwards.