Trade and industry / Sotenäs


Visionary fishermen promote durable fishing

Sotenäs is the Nordic countries’ centre for the processing of marine products. Practically all of the major processing businesses on the Nordic market have activities in this municipality. As a consequence, companies that construct and build machines for the processing industry have established themselves here too.

There are several examples for maritime industries in Sotenäs:

  • In the spring of 2013, the development of the world’s largest wave power plant in the sea outside of Smögen was started.
  • Local fishermen come up with initiatives for durable fishing.
  • Construction and manufacturing of leisure boats have a very strong base here.
  • And of course tourism. The sun, the cliffs and swimming in saltwater attract many tourists. During a good summer, millions of visitors stroll along the Smögen pier

Alongside all of this, you have Nordens Ark, a zoo where the main objective is to save and preserve endangered animal species.