Trade and industry / Strömstad


Customs handling is a prominent sector in Strömstad


Commerce is part of the experience industry

In Strömstad, trade and industry have seen solid growth over the past ten years. This growth has been mainly due to Strömstad’s strategic location close to the border. The Strömstad municipality is neighbour to Norway’s region with the highest population density, where a million people live between the border and Oslo.

The growth is also due to the attractive coastal landscape, which is a magnet for tourists.

With 3.6 million tourists visiting annually, Strömstad has one entire million visitors more per year than Stockholm. The motor for trade and industry is the experience industry, which includes the strong commercial sector. Other prominent businesses are knowledge enterprises, service providers, marine and maritime applications and handicraft production.

By putting much effort into developing roads and railways, Strömstad has become more accessible. This gives rise to new property developments for business operations. The proximity to Östfold, which is one of Norway’s most expansive regions, also affects development positively.