Culture and leisure / Tanum


Badholmen is a fine place for swimming in Fjällbacka


Vitlycke Museum - more than 100,000 visitors per year

The cultural offering in Tanum’s municipality is bigger and broader as one would expect from a municipality with slightly more than 12,000 inhabitants. There’s a lot to experience, above all for those who are actively on the look-out.

This is one of the municipalities in the country with most people working in the cultural sector, with a high concentration of artistic creativity and major global impact in terms of arts, theatre and dance. Many artists decide to work in Tanum before they take their works out into the world.

The people of Tanum have always been open to outside impressions, but when it’s about getting things done, they rely on themselves. This attitude reflects very clearly in cultural life. A good example is the previous quarrying industry, which has meanwhile become part of the arts sector.