Expertise / Tanum


The Gerlesborg school is a centre for Swedish artists

Entrepreneurial spirit is the Tanum municipality’s most important characteristic in terms of expertise. There are plenty of energetic people around, who are prepared to set up and run their own business. Around a core of people such as these, small and medium-sized businesses in trade, industry, handicrafts, tourism and culture have been set up. A good example is the Sportshopen in Grebbestad, which is the Nordic Area’s largest sports shop. Tanumstrand, outside of Grebbestad is the largest hotel and leisure facility between Oslo and Gothenburg.

The fact that culture is an important sector for entrepreneurs, is partly due to the attraction that the Gerlesborg Art School has. Most of Sweden’s artists have studied or worked there. Arts education is at a high level here.

The municipality also has a strong industrial tradition. Tetra Pak, that manufacture packaging material and Nordan (formerly Tanums Fönster), that manufacture specially made windows, are the largest operations.