Housing / Tanum

Pittoreskt i Tanum

Tanum has many picturesque surroundings


… only 1.5 hours by car to Gothenburg and Oslo

In Tanum, situated in the northern part of Bohuslän, you’ll find a wide variety of settings you could choose to live in: coastal landscapes and the archipelago, midlands with farmland, forest areas and lakes. This is also the place where Tanum’s rock carvings are located, which have been on Unesco’s World Heritage list since 1994. The southern part of Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet, also belongs to Tanum’s municipality.

In several of the municipality’s communities, rented and/or co-operative apartments are available. For those who are looking for freehold properties, there’s a supply of building plots and the real estate agent always has homes for sale.

Thanks to the E6, the dense road and railway network, connections are good in all of Tanum’s municipality. By car, it takes 1.5 hours to Oslo or Gothenburg. Four international airports, Landvetter, Säve, Rygge and Gardemoen can be reached within 2.5 hours.