Networks / Tanum


Home town associations active for development

Tanum Turist, with its 260 member companies, is an important network for those who work with tourism.

Tanums Näringslivsråd (the Tanum Council for Trade and Industry) provides the core in the cooperation between trade and industry and the municipality. It’s a body for cooperation in the field of common development and growth matters, and the sharing of ideas and information. The Näringslivsrådet is also an advisory body with respect to municipal decisions concerning development and trade and industry.

The entrepreneurs organisation Företagarna has many members in Tanum’s municipality and the cooperation with different players is of great importance.

All larger towns in the municipality have a community association. The associations play an important role and are very dedicated to working with current affairs and the development of their home town.

In the cultural sector, we find amongst others the networks Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Bohuslän and Konstvandring in Ranrike. Both have hundreds of contacts in the world of the arts and represent the visual artists’ best interests. Apart from this, there are a great many informal networks between entrepreneurs in the cultural sector.