Trade and industry / Trollhättan


Advanced technology commonplace at GKN Aerospace


Commerce still on the rise in Trollhättan

Within Trollhättan’s trade and industry, established technology and mature sectors get on well with innovation and new ways of thinking. In this development, the Högskolan Väst (University West) plays a key role. The same applies for the Innovatum, which constitutes a bridge between trade and industry, research, education, individual players and the general public.

Trade and industry in Trollhättan are built on several foundations. The core is the manufacturing industry, and based around this, many service providers have been established, not in the least those with a technical orientation. Other strong sectors are commerce, service industries and the public sector with large employers such as the university and the county hospital. On top of this broad base, we find clear peaks within the automotive and aerospace industry, creative industries and e-commerce.

With Film i Väst, the Swedish film industry has a solid stronghold in Trollhättan. Almost half of all Swedish films are co-produced here.