Culture and leisure / Trollhättan

Älvrummet med hängbron

Experiencing nature just outside of the centre


One of many festivals on the Drottningtorget

Trollhättan is proud of its Fallens Dagar, which is the oldest city festival. The third weekend in July, this major festival takes place and attracts both visitors from other places, as well as its own inhabitants.

Within the cultural sector, film plays a major part. The people from Trollhättan have become used to warning signs saying “film recording” on the streets and squares of the town.

Music has its own arenas. Amongst others the N3, which is an arts school and venue for many events. The Folkets Hus cultural centre programmes many events as well. The Aurora Music Festival provides major enjoyment of classical music, several times per year.

The entertainment sector has much to offer in terms of restaurants, pubs, dancings and similar. In the field of athletics, Trollhättan is the proud organiser of two running competitions: the Kraftprovet, which is a very challenging race for runners, and the Alliansloppet, which is part of the Swedish roller skating cup.