Land and commercial spaces / Trollhättan


In 2015 Överby will have 100,000 m² shop surface

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Finding land and premises is not a problem

Being able to offer good environments for development to existing companies, and growth conditions for businesses that move in, is a very clearly expressed ambition in Trollhättan.

Those who choose to establish themselves in the municipality can expect assistance in finding access to networks and expertise that will be of use to them.

Part of this effort is to find the right place for establishing your business. In the summer of 2013, 40 hectares of industrial plots were available in existing industrial areas in Trollhättan. Businesses that are looking for existing premises have good possibilities for finding something suitable. This applies to both industrial as well as commercial purposes.

The Överby shopping centre is expanding the shopping surface to a total of 100,000 m². This expansion will be completed in 2015.