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Trollhättan - network building a continuous process

In Trollhättan, network building is an important process that is always ongoing. This is above all the case for technical areas and sectors with a high degree of innovation.

The city’s objective is to become a centre for the development of electric vehicles, and there are many players involved in establishing the cooperation process.

In the field of aerospace, the companies in Trollhättan are part of both international as well as national networks. The development in the field of energy and environmental technologies is an intense one, and here these networks are of great importance. The creative and cultural sectors are dominated by small businesses that cooperate within different forms of networks. Amongst others, there’s an extensive informal network linked to film production.

Trollhättan has seven business associations for the various commercial and industrial sectors, which belong to the more formal networks. All of these associations work together with the city of Trollhättan.