Trade and industry / Uddevalla


Trade and industry are characterised by the water


The vicinity of to sea and E6 are advantageous

Uddevalla 20100603. Folk i city på gågatan. Foto: Yvonne Jägerbrand

Visionary efforts have created a vibrant city centre

With more than 54,000 inhabitants, Uddevalla is the largest city in Bohuslän and a centre for trade and industry, education, commerce and connections.

The seaside location, close to the E6 between Gothenburg and Oslo is one of the municipality’s major advantages. It’s a node that works perfectly for trade and transports. The logistic advantages have been the reason for several businesses to base their headquarters and warehouses in Uddevalla.

Trade and industry is diverse, with approximately 5,000 active businesses. Major sectors are commerce, the construction industry, building materials, and maritime operations. The geographic location has provided Uddevalla with a strong link to ship building and offshore industries. Today, mostly design and engineering are cutting edge fields.

Where commerce is concerned, the municipality has very purposefully exploited its geographic advantages. The growth in the commercial sector has been very impressive, and the growth in Uddevalla has been among the largest in the region during the past 20 years. The commercial area Torp has been expanded several times and in the spring of 2013, amongst others Ikea have opened a department store here.