Culture and leisure / Uddevalla

Sunningen med fullastad bŒt pŒ Nationaldagen 2011

Boating has many variations


The Bohuslän Museum - a multifunctional museum

Motorkrosstävling på Glimmingen

Proud organiser of the World Championship Motocross

There’s a lot going on, and it goes on all the time. On average, Uddevalla offers 5.2 cultural events per day on an annual basis. A lot of these events are about music, theatre, film and dance.

The Bohuslän Museum attracts 300,000 visitors annually. It’s as much a location for many different activities as it is a provincial museum with exhibitions and art. Uddevalla also has the only seaman’s museum in Sweden, a shell bank museum, and a military museum. Moreover, there are several homeland museums.

Where leisure activities are concerned, the proximity to the sea provides fabulous conditions for swimming, boating, fishing, camping and the like. Uddevalla’s beach promenade has been appointed “Sweden’s most beautiful street”, and is a tourist attraction in itself.

In the wilderness in the hills to the west of Uddevalla, you’ll find both untouched nature and beautiful walking trails.