Expertise / Uddevalla


Uddevalla has welcomed companies such as IKEA


Commerce is a major sector in Uddevalla


The university college centre focuses on supplying competences

The university college centre focuses on supplying competences

In following sectors, Uddevalla offers particularly extensive expertise:

  • Retail trade – in several prominent commercial areas
  • Ship design and marine consultancy and design
  • Construction industry and building materials (many businesses, please refer to

Road and railway networks and the port play a central role in the flow of goods that goes to or through Uddevalla.

The municipality offers a modern, ice-free industrial port that already today processes over a million tonnes of forestry products, bulk goods, and project and piece goods each year. The port has approximately 400 ships passing through each year, with extreme variations in terms of the number of ships that put to at the same time. Approximately 100 yearly workers, 2,400 metres of quays including two roll-on-roll-off-berths, a depth of 12 m, 10 km of tracks, 7 fixed and 3 mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 66 tonnes, 60 lorries, 39,000 m² of warehousing surface, 580,000 m² of supporting surface.

Uddevalla has one of the country’s largest upper secondary schools, and the University College Centre Bohuslän. Both schools cooperate with trade and industry in order to in the best possible way supply competences and to help students with their introduction into working life.