Trade and industry / Vänersborg


Vänersborg is Västra Götaland's regional capital

Äldreprojektet i Musikens Vänersborg

Work methods for geriatric care are developed here

Vänersborg is the regional capital and political centre of power in Västra Götaland. This is where amongst others the members of the regional council have their meetings.

Trade and industry are diverse. You’ll find high-tech engineering companies, and process and electronics industries. Recycling is a sector that’s on the rise, in which biogas is produced from household and agricultural waste. Wargön Innovation is running projects in the field of energy, the environment and innovation, for which forests are the main resource.

The Norra Älvsborg’s regional hospital, NÄL, is a place where a great many people are employed and which is located exactly on the municipal border with Vänersborg. The municipality is also an important centre for mental care and correctional treatment.

The tourist sector is growing, above all thanks to the international music events and the overall resources at the sports centre, which is also known as Sweden’s largest recreation centre.