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Bandy has its natural centre in the Arena Vänersborg


Aqua Blå is the largest summer festival


Participants in the Vårruset see a lot of Vänersborg

Participants in the Vårruset see a lot of Vänersborg

The sports centre with the Arena Vänersborg, has a central place in the city and facilities for a long list of sports. Within walking distance from the sports centre lies the indoor adventure pool Vattenpalatset. Along Lake Vänern, there are several places for swimming, both in the town as well as on the outskirts. There’s plenty of space for aquatic sports. The sailing club has its premises right in the middle of town.

Aqua Blå is Vänersborg’s own folk song and water festival. Many podiums can be found throughout the town, where music performances can be enjoyed. Each year, on several occasions, hundreds of young, talented classical musicians from all over the world come here to participate in courses and festivals. Vänersborg was awarded the title of jazz city 2012.