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Musikskolans verksamhetsbilder

Classical music has a strong foothold

The Företagsnätverket i Brålanda is a good example of how businesses can cooperate in Vänersborg. In that part of the municipality, all businesses have combined their efforts on matters for which they feel they should be handled jointly. They successfully do their own lobbying, amongst others.

Within the world of classical music, Vänersborg has a network of contacts that basically spans the globe. Thanks to festivals, master classes and the competition Polstjärnepriset, the municipality is one of the global hubs for young people who play classical music.

In Sweden, the Musikakademi Vänersborg (Music Academy Vänersborg) has close contacts with the Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal Music College), the Gothenburg Opera, Göteborgssymfonikerna (Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra), the University College for Circus and Dance in Stockholm and the University College for Performing Arts and Music in Gothenburg.