Trade and industry / Vara


The agricultural product of Vara: the turkey


KPAB manufacture building products from glass and metal


Award-winning aged cheese from Sivans cheese shop

Over a period of several years, the entrepreneurial spirit in the Vara municipality has been amongst the best in the country. Moreover, documentation exists for the fact that the business climate is favourable. The municipality counts approximately 800 businesses and 600 agricultural operations. The informal networks are strong and companies like to do business amongst themselves.

The focal point within trade and industry lies with the manufacturing industry, commerce and agriculture. The fact that trade and industry have its origin in, and are still closely connected with farming, makes perfect sense as the flatlands are very fertile. From these lands stems an extensive yield of different grains products, egg-laying chicken and broilers, as well as piglets and slaughter pigs. The majority of the largest businesses in the municipality started out as creative farmers’ ideas and were developed into exporting industries.

Another face of the open landscape is provided by the many horse farms, and the activities that are linked to them. For those who’d like to establish a business on a farmstead in a vivid little country community, with big cities within convenient reach, the small town of Vara is a perfect choice.